Advent calendar for kids

Advent calendar for kids Photo credit : Lisa-Marie @la_famille_faventure
November 18 2022
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Text written by Julie Bruneau

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The wait for Christmas can be long for both adults and children! A less fortunate year, I wanted to live the magic of Christmas with a very limited budget (read null here 😉). So I used an old calendar and I wrote activities on it that we would “oblige” to do as a family. The point was just to have a nice time together.  

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My advice

Make sure that you will be available according to the family schedule to do the activities you will place. For example, don’t put “bake cookies” if the kids have a hockey practice that night... maybe we’ll go with “read a Christmas tale”. The idea is that it’s nice for small, medium and large.  

For the more adventurous, you can hide the activities with a post-it and reveal them only the same day!  

I put the photo of this famous calendar, I thought to put a more aesthetic one in the way of Pinterest and I thought that in the end, it is very good this calendar because it reminds me that the happiness of being together does not cost a penny! 😊   

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Photo credit Julie Bruneau
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List of activies

So here, in bulk, some ideas to put in your calendar: do not hesitate to add them in comment... 

- We make the tree 

- The box is being prepared for the drive

- We cook gingerbread bonshommes.

- DIY gifts are made.

- Clean toys that are no longer used and take them to an organization. 

- We’re cooking dessert and taking it to Grandpa 

- We write Christmas cards.

- "We’re making hot chocolate."

- Listening to a family movie.

- A special lunch even if it’s a school morning (house waffles, pancakes, golden bread, etc.) 

- We make a paper Christmas garland. 

- "We make Christmas balls." 

- "We invent a treasure hunt in the house." 

- "We’ll play outside after supper." 

- "We write a letter to Santa." 

- We play Just danse, Mario Kart, or whatever, as a family. 

- Read a Christmas story (or listen to one). 

"We’re having a candlelight supper." 

- Playing a board game. 

"We’re doing a Christmas slim." 

- Children choose supper. 

"We make a cabin without the living room." 

"Dinner upside down! Dessert first..." 

- We cook Christmas cookies. 

"Let’s slide." 

"We’re going to the dairy." 

- Children cook supper. 

- Everyone calls a friend (face time...). 

"We’re going snowshoeing." 

"We’ll take a walk with flashlights." 

"We’re making a snowman." 

- Dress for a chic evening, dresses and drinks in cups. 

- We’re going to the Christmas market. 

- We take pictures with tuques from No family photo. 

- Children choose parents’ clothing. 

- We do Christmas coloring. 

"We’re having a melted supper." 

- Put on pajamas and soup in the living room. 

"We sing Christmas rhymes as a family." 

- - let your imagination go!

If you want to download a home version, click here: ADVENT CALENDAR

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If you want to find plenty of family activities, click onfaventure to register in the community and get lots of activity suggestions, promo codes and participate in super interesting contests.

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Julie Bruneau

Julie Bruneau

Full-time mother, mother of hearts for small hearts in need (foster family), I organize my «tribe» as I like to call it, so that everyone finds his place in our extended family and feels good! Having worked as a child care technician for many years, I enjoy organizing activities to get out of the routine and change my mind!