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September 14 2023

Weekend Ideas September 16-17: Explore Quebec in a New Light

Explore the corn maze and activities to do everywhere in Quebec province
August 30 2023

The Best Family Autumn Experiences on Quebec Farms 🍂🌽🚜

Immerse yourself in the magic of autumn as a family with our unique getaways on Quebec farms
August 23 2023

Discover Culinary Delights and Festive Vibes this Weekend!

Hey hey Faventurers! Prepare yourself for a gastronomic adventure that will tantalize your taste buds: the poutine. If you have an affinity for this iconic Quebec dish, this weekend promises to be a[...]
June 6 2023

A popular destination for tourists, this iconic city on the California coast has nothing to envy to others. In this article, I present to you the must-haves during your next visit to L.A. !  
May 7 2023

A week-end in Laval

Laval is known as an entertaining and dynamic city. It amazes us by the diversity and the impressive number of activities it offers, all within a radius of less than 5 km.    
April 18 2023

Homeschooling to go on an adventure

With its share of prejudices, home schooling has had a hard time in public opinion. However, when we talk to the parents who made the choice, the pendulum is quickly set.  
February 28 2023

Ice fishing with kids at La Base Plein Air Sainte-Foy

I have a great activity for your spring break with kids. Ice fishing! La Base Plein Air Sainte-Foy is the ideal place for your family to try this unusual activity.
February 6 2023

Massif du Sud, don't miss it!

If you don’t know the Massif du Sud Park yet, take notes, because you’re not finished being inspired by this place bigger than nature.