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May 7 2023

A week-end in Laval

Laval is known as an entertaining and dynamic city. It amazes us by the diversity and the impressive number of activities it offers, all within a radius of less than 5 km.    
December 2 2022

The "joujouthèque" a treasure to discover

This holiday season, I wanted to share with you a little gem of community service: the toy libraries!
December 1 2022

5 activities to do when your sick

Microbes have invited themselves to your home? Don’t worry, here are some activities to do when the energy is not there.
November 23 2022

It's time to slide

The snow is there and here is the list you need to keep to know the best "sliding" places in the province! 
November 18 2022

Advent calendar for kids

The wait for Christmas can be long for both adults and children! Here are some activities that will help you to wait until Christmas
November 17 2022

108 hikes to explore thanks to faventure

We finally got the first snow and the kids are super excited! This is the perfect time to go out faventure and discover a winter hike!
November 11 2022

Destination: Christmas in Provence

Come and discover beautiful Provencal Christmas traditions, what to put in the atmosphere of the holiday season and add a touch of exoticism to your festivities!
November 10 2022

3 activity themes to have fun this week-end!

With the amount of rain that should fall on our heads on Friday and Saturday, I wanted to offer you 3 choices all very different from each other.